Las Vegas and the Underage Gambler

Going back to when I was a hot wee lass of 19 years old… and I’m not saying how far back that is!

I went to Vegas for the first time with a guy “friend” of mine. I took care of making our reservations at the Hard Rock Hotel which had just had their Grand Opening! And “he” made our reservations on Greyhound.

It was obvious that this guy had the hots for me… and yet this is how he was trying to impress?! Eeeek.

Anyhow, I had my bags, was all packed up, I was dressed to the nines (still very excited) and ready to hit the road.

The bus ride seemed like it took forever and a year (which only takes 3.5hrs by car). We made a pit-stop in good ‘ol Barstow – ya know… where you go to get your “kicks on route 66″… Well I don’t know who wrote that song or what “they” do to get their “kicks”, but I’ll tell ya where it’s not happening for me… in BARSTOW! Sorry Barstownions – no offense.

Then the lovely bus ride (full of weirdos) continued; finally we pull into downtown Las Vegas – which is waaay the hell off of the strip and Mister Cheapie Pants here doesn’t want to split a cab. If he could split a penny – he would – I’m so SERIOUS! So on foot we go. I’m a big fan of walking, so it’s really not a problem – aside from lugging around all of my bags and that I’m in high heels (I’m not that tall), and like I previously mentioned “dressed to the nines”! So we walked and we walked, and you’d never think that these hotels are so freakin far away from each other until you walk the strip, and realize just how long it took you!

Finally we arrived at our hotel. Time to check in. As usual with any check in process, they ask to see my identification and credit card. However unlike any other check in process, once I handed everything over, there was a PROBLEM. It’s explained to me that they can’t check me in because I’m under 21!

Nice… because they didn’t seem to think it was a problem when I prepaid for the room.

Well luckily my buddy over here was over 21, so we used his ID. But talk about the nerve – they had absolutely no problem taking money from someone who was under 21, yet now I was a second class citizen or something!

All checked in, we grab our bags and make a beeline to check out our room, and then get ready to paint the town and of course do a little bit of gambling.

Our schedule for the rest of our time was Shows, Food, Gambling, Shows, Food, Gambling, etc, etc, etc..

I was a bundle of nerves, each and every time I went to a table to play cards all I could think about was getting carded – asking to see checking my ID. I was so focused on that, I didn’t really care at all about losing my gambling money – and I hate losing money!

I made out with more than I started with and more than enough to pay for my portion of the entire trip! I’m not treating this Dud!


Things didn’t go quite as smoothly in a few of the many trips to come —

I was thrown out of casinos, stranded in the middle of the desert, left sitting on curbs, got into my share of fights, hung out with the whales, got comps at every turn, had my ‘Indecent Proposal’ experience…

BUT – I simply never lost, I always won $$$ – bring me the money!!!

So of course I kept coming back for more!

And then it happened – I turned 21 and now being totally relaxed and at ease about having my ID checked, (I almost wanted to flash it around just for the heck of it) the only concern I had was about losing my money and guess what happened next…

YUP, I lost every single last dime that I came with… I left town in a state of shock!

What the heck just happened there?! This doesn’t happen to me – I don’t LOSE!!!!!!

To this day I still can’t seem to get enough of this place.

I just don’t gamble these days..unless we are talking penny slots!

Change your outlook change your outcome!

An Easy Guide To Creative Visualization For Lotto – The Second Part

After I explained you in the first part of this article, how to get a small thing you desire so much, using creative visualization technique as a powerful tool, I continue to explain you easy things to do to win some good money from lottery. In this article I will add some specific aspects of it for the lotto field. Developing your full area of vision, including intuition, cooperation with the subconscious mind and creative visualization, you can get anything and everything you desire. For example a nice sums of money from lottery will be easily achievable.

The technique of creative visualization comprehends a clear mental image of your desired outcome and a strong emotion. But it will work well if you have an anterior plan of affluence and fortune for all the areas of your life. You can not use creative visualization just for money only, while you brush aside other domains. There must be a correspondence with your organized personality and a vision of general prosperity.

In the first place, you need a mind of a winner in your day-to-day life. Once you develop a mind of a winner, you will taste happiness for the rest of your life. A mind of a winner is capable of enhancing creativity and offering solutions to different problems. A mind of a winner helps to increase motivation and achieve easily any goal. With a winner mind, it is possible to achieve whatever you want. It really is so powerful. Just go for it.

In order to have a mind of a winner, and before proceeding with visualization, set up a daily meditation habit. Relax, close your eyes and feel the happiness and abundance flow into you. Feel a strong contraction of pleasure into your body and mind and relax again. Energize yourself with waves of prosperity. And relax again. See yourself acting as a magnet. Now magnetize $10,000 and see the money in your hands. Relax again and open your eyes.

A complete mind of a winner, you will have after 28 days of making daily meditation. It is a first hand information. In the meanwhile, all sorts of good things will happen to you. But after you gained that powerful mind, you will add to the same meditation, a supplementary mental image with the money coming from your lottery. To every session of meditation add an extra $10,000.

The more you will meditate, the more you will be open to receive this money. When you feel that you are completely prepared for it, start to buy lotto tickets and in parallel, continue to meditate. In the course of the day, when you do not meditate and when you can find a pause of a minute, repeat in your mind:” look at me, I am able to magnetize money from lottery”. You will be surprised with the result.